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Blake Griffin elected president of Association of Communication Engineers

Communication Network Engineering, Inc. (CNE) President Blake Griffin has been elected president of the Association of Communication Engineers (ACE) for 2024-2025.

ACE is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting telecommunications consulting engineers. It was organized in 1950 and aspires to these objectives:

  • Foster harmony throughout the engineering profession
  • Promote the professional and economic welfare of its members
  • Maintain professional standards as legally required and as outlined in the code of ethics of the National Society of Professional Engineers
  • Advance the value of consulting engineers in the industry

ACE has played a pivotal role in shaping industry standards, especially in the RUS space. CNE’s involvement with ACE, for example, has helped the company navigate the often complex waters of the ReConnect program, moving client projects along as they acquire funding support.

Congratulations to Blake on his election to this long-standing organization dedicated to advancing and advocating for the telecommunications engineering industry.

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