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CNE and Moore Engineering blog header of recent joint broadband project in rural ohio.

Connecting Rural Ohio: CNE Expands Broadband Engineering Territory Alongside Sister Company, Moore Engineering 

Access to reliable and high-speed internet connection is necessary for anyone hoping to compete in the 21st century. However, this key commodity is one that most take for granted and is still out of reach for many rural Americans.  

Communication Network Engineering (CNE) engaged sister company, Moore Engineering (MEI), both members of the Moore Holding Company enterprise and ESOP, to take on the challenge of connecting thousands of homes in Seneca and Crawford counties in Ohio. This collaboration with CNE client, Bascom Communication, is a testament to a shared commitment by both companies to supporting and bridging the digital divide in rural communities, fostering economic growth, and improving the lives of many. 

Middle Mile: Bringing Broadband to Rural Ohio 

This CNE project was launched by Bascom Communications in partnership with the North Central Electric Cooperative (NCEC) and supported by a $3 Million grant from The Ohio Department of Development, Office of BroadbandOhio with the Ohio Broadband Strategy.  

The $3 million grant finances 31% of the project’s total cost of $9.6 million. This Middle Mile Fiber Project is the first portion of Bascom Communications’ broadband initiative.  

When complete, nearly 150 miles of new fiber will complement the 57 miles currently serving Bascom customers in the region. The new infrastructure will bring high-speed internet access to over 1,600 homes and businesses across the region – an economic boon for rural Ohioans.  

CNE & MEI Working Together 

On November 5th, engineers and employee owners from MEI and CNE embarked on a 12-day project trip to rural Ohio. While on-site, the teams worked together to collect power pole load assessments at over 2900 locations. While collecting this data is an enormous task, it is crucial to the project’s success, as the expansion plan includes over 100 miles of aerial cable hung on NCEC power poles.  

CNE and MEI are leveraging GIS tools to track, record, and report the data needed for the pole assessments. With the necessary data gathered, the two companies will collaborate to process the data using highly specialized software to successfully prepare the project to move on to its next phase. 

The Moore Holding Company enterprise is tight-knit, client-focused, and dedicated to bringing critical infrastructure to communities across the Midwest. Because of their unique engineering disciplines, CNE and MEI typically operate in different spheres when engaging with clients. However, the sister companies seized an opportunity to join forces and rapidly advance the needs of a valued client. 

The scale and speed of this project would typically be a formidable challenge for any organization. However, CNE and MEI’s close relationship gave them the unique ability to rapidly mobilize and meet the client’s expectations.   

Connecting People & Communities Through Customized Broadband Engineering Services 

As CNE and MEI progress on the Middle Mile project, they are laying the foundation to deliver new opportunities that will result in even more digitally connected communities. This collaboration of two sister companies is a shining example of how teamwork, technology, best-in-class engineering services, and a shared mission focused on clients improve the lives of many to build strong, healthy communities. 

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