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CvCISO® Services

Cyber attacks are on the rise, and businesses of all sizes are at risk. A CvCISO® can help you protect your business from expensive and disruptive attacks.

What is a CvCISO®?

A CvCISO® is a security professional who can help you assess your security risks, develop and implement security controls, and respond to incidents. They work with other IT professionals to design, implement, and manage security controls that protect sensitive data and systems from attack. CvCISOs® also help organizations comply with industry regulations.

What A CvCISO® Can Do For You

Financial Protection

A CvCISO® can help you identify and mitigate security risks, implement security controls, and develop a security plan to prevent and mitigate expensive damages.

Stakeholder Confidence

Hiring a CvCISO® shows customers, investors, and partners that your organization is taking cybersecurity seriously and that you are taking steps to protect their assets. 

Unlock Funding

To receive most broadband funding from federal and state sources, companies must submit a Cyber Security Plan. It’s recommended that the plan be reviewed and approved by a CvCISO®. 

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CvCISO® Services

Risk Assessment

Our CvCISO® will conduct a risk assessment with you, in one of multiple sessions. Once completed, we provide a list of priority items to secure your environment.


Our CvCISO® will work with the client to prioritize key items, establish a timeline, and provide a dashboard for monitoring progress. For best results, pair with a risk assessment.


We’ll work with you to create policies, an operational framework, and provide regular reviews and training to prepare for attacks.


Confirms that all governance measures are followed by conducting audits, risk assessments, and reviewing logs and tools. We work with your IT department to ensure the success of your operational framework and risk prevention measures.

Policy Review

Our CvCISO® will work with your team to review current policies and verify that they are meeting current standards and properly covering all risk vectors this policy would cover.

Security Awareness/ Social Engineering Training

Our CvCISO® will aid in setting up a training service, or aid in creating a training campaign(s) with the goal of properly training employees to better identify phishing attempts and to use best safety practices.

Vulnerability Scanning

Our CvCISO® will use the tools available to scan the client’s environment and locate potential vulnerabilities.

Tabletop Exercises

Our CvCISO® service will prepare multiple attack scenarios and work with your team to simulate real-life events. The goal is to make employees more comfortable with their roles and the steps they need to take during an attack.

Connor Dymerski

Certified virtual Chief Information Security Officer®

CNE’s Connor Dymerski has completed the necessary steps to become a Certified virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CvCISO®), bringing a whole new set of capabilities to CNE’s suite of services.

About CNE

Communications Network Engineering (CNE) is a 100% employee-owned company with a headquarters in Fargo, ND. Because CNE is an ESOP, we are all uniquely invested in your success. As professional engineers, we take our responsibility seriously. CNE offers planning and funding, COE and OSP engineering, operations assistance, mapping/right-of-way/permitting, and IT services to clients around the region. We have an interactive approach with our clients to ensure we find the best solution for their needs.

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