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IT Professionals Day

It’s IT Professional’s Day and we are here to celebrate the IT professionals who keep our company running!

IT Professional’s Day was founded in 2015 to show support to the IT superheroes who work on the back end to implement and maintain the technology that makes our worlds function.  Today we want to give a shout-out to the network engineers, system administrators, database admins, ethical hackers, and many, many more IT professionals in the field. At Communication Network Engineering we are lucky to have an amazing team who do so much to make internet accesses a reality for many rural communities in the Mid-West! In addition to spreading broadband connectivity, this amazing team also has a wealth of knowledge to help you with your digital security and other IT needs!

To celebrate we wanted to share with you three ways to celebrate IT Professionals Day!

  1. Just Say thank you! Write a note, send an email, or just go tell them how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication. You can even tag them on social media and use the #ITProDay!
  2. Do not click the links. No matter how enticing the email may seem, save your IT professional some time and headache, and don’t click!
  3. Treat them to Lunch!!

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Please join us in saying thank you to our team at Communication Network Engineering! You are superheroes in the broadband and IT industry, and we are so grateful for the work you do!

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