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Multi-Factor Authentication | October Cybersecurity Awareness Month

At CNE we are continuing through October to raise awareness for cybersecurity issues.  Today we want to talk about MFA. While the acronym sounds a bit like a fight club, we can assure you that the only people you will be fighting are cybercriminals aimed at getting access to your information.

MFA stands for Multi-Factor Authentication. It provides an extra layer of security when accessing digital accounts. Rather than just providing a password for accounts and systems, the password is used in conjunction with a secondary credential. Often this looks like using a code that is texted, emailed, or given to you from an MFA app installed on your phone. This process helps to increase your cyber security because even if one credential is compromised – let’s say for example your password – it is highly unlikely that the cybercriminal would also have access to the secondary credential through your phone or email.

As you are looking through your accounts and systems, here are a few internet-facing systems and accounts you should consider using an MFA for:

  • Email Accounts
  • Remote Desktop
  • VPNs
  • Financial Accounts

We all know that cybercriminals are becoming more effective in their attacks. Placing another layer to your account credentials helps to keep your information safe and unwanted people out of your accounts.

We would love to help you discover more ways to be safe online! Contact us today.

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