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Fiber to the Home – Crosby/Ironton, MN

Crosby/Ironton, Minnesota

Learn about CNE's fiber-to-the-home project in Crosby/Ironton, Minnesota that delivered high-speed internet to 233 homes or...

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Harmony Telephone Company’s Reconnect II – Cresco, IA

Challenge Harmony Telephone Company’s Reconnect II is a fiber-to-the-home project that brings fiber optics to rural...

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Norvado Phillips Exchange | Rural Internet Connectivity in Wisconsin

NW Rural Wisconsin

For rural communities in Wisconsin, getting access to high-speed internet is a significant challenge. When internet...

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CNE Thompson project

Thompson, ND | Fiber to the Home

Thompson, Reynolds, Grand Forks, ND Areas

Access to high-speed broadband internet is not a luxury. To stay competitive in 2023, it’s a...

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Polar Communications | USDA RUS Reconnect Grant Success

The USDA RUS Reconnect grant and loan program helps to fund costs of construction or improvement...

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Reconnect First in Nation


With construction commencing on June 2nd in rural Grafton, our project with Polar Communications became the...

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