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Project Spotlight Norvado

Project Spotlight: Norvado – Phillips, WI

At CNE, we pride ourselves on being a strategic partner for our clients.  We understand that that not every project is the same, so we customize our services to the needs of the project and our clients. We have been privileged to work with Norvado in Phillips, WI. Our work with them demonstrates our ability to be a strategic partner and customize the project to fit our clients’ needs.

Norvado was a new potential client that had approached CNE to partner on an existing project. Coming into a new venture, CNE would traditionally complete the staking of projects in its entirety for their existing clients, however Norvado requested a different approach. Norvado had their own engineering team that would complete the designs and the initial staking.  They wanted to utilize their own mapping system that was built on top of ArcGIS Online. Norvado was asking for assistance with field verification of their design utilizing ArcGIS Field Maps.  Through a competitive bid process, CNE was the selected as the Engineer for this project.

Always wanting to customize our services to our clients’ needs, CNE was more than willing to take on this project.  For some of our technicians, there was a quick learning curve, however, they embraced the change and technology.  Even with time spent learning a new system, our team was still able to complete the project in about half the anticipated timeframe.  Norvado was not only pleased with the time of completion, but also the quality of the final product.  Due to the success of this first project, CNE has gained additional projects from Norvado without going to bid!

We enjoy the challenge and growth that comes with each project. Let us partner with you and customize your project to meet your needs. Contact us today!

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