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Strengthen Your Cybersecurity with CNE’s CvCISO®: Connor Dymerski 

In our previous post about CvCISO® services, we discussed the exponential growth in cyber threats and the urgent need for organizations to bring in CvCISO®-level expertise to manage risk and mitigate cyber-attacks.  

Today, we are thrilled to announce that CNE’s Connor Dymerski has completed the necessary steps to become a Certified virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CvCISO®), bringing a whole new set of capabilities to CNE’s suite of services. 

Connor’s cyber-security acumen and training allow CNE to provide more comprehensive services than ever to our clients and partners. As we explored previously, A CvCISO® (Certified virtual Chief Information Security Officer) is a cyber security professional responsible for protecting and maintaining an organization’s systems. With the alarming rate at which cyber-attacks are growing, CNE’s new capabilities are critical for organizations looking for funding or expansion opportunities. 

Getting Certified. 

To obtain his certification, Connor completed an intensive 10-week course and exam covering the latest security strategies and controls. The in-depth program provided hands-on training in: 

  • Performing organizational risk evaluations 
  • Developing strategic roadmaps to control risks 
  • Managing third-party vendor risks 
  • Conducting open-source intelligence (OSINT) to identify threats
  • Responding to security breaches, ransomware, and other cyber incidents 

Connor then completed practical assignments like risk assessments, policy development, and incident response plans. After demonstrating his proficiency in these real-world skills, Connor passed a rigorous 3-hour, 150-question exam to earn his CvCISO® certificate. 

With his new certification, Connor is fully equipped with cutting-edge expertise to provide executive-level strategic guidance tailored to organizations of all types and sizes. 

Why Connor is the Ideal CvCISO®

Connor brings over three years of valuable engineering experience to his new role guiding CNE’s cybersecurity services. His professional background includes: 

  • Broad expertise in engineering, mapping, design, contracts, and IT 
  • Passion for continuously developing his skills and pursuing new certifications 
  • Proven track record successfully managing complex connectivity infrastructure projects 
  • People-first mindset focused on collaborating with teams and clients 
  • Reputation as a driven problem-solver who overcomes obstacles 

As an intensely driven person, Connor is always looking to improve. As a result of his hunger for learning, Connor has amassed a broad range of in-demand skills.  

“I have a very broad area in which I work, between mapping, design, contracts, and now the cybersecurity aspect, I have many areas in which I am learning and aiming to continue my education in all these areas.” 

CvCISO® Services Tailored to Your Needs 

With Connor’s oversight, CNE can now provide top-tier CvCISO® services to safeguard your most critical data, operations, and reputation. As your virtual CISO, Connor will leverage his fresh knowledge and hands-on training to: 

  • Perform in-depth risk, compliance, and vulnerability assessments 
  • Develop clear security policies, controls, and incident response plans 
  • Implement key protections like multi-factor authentication 
  • Provide ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and risk management 
  • Respond to attacks and lead your recovery when attacks do happen. 

Strengthen Your Defenses 

Connor is just one member of a talented team of IT professionals at CNE. Together, we have the knowledge and experience to solidify your cyber security posture while positioning your company for the future. 

To learn more about partnering with our CvCISO® to implement strategic cybersecurity solutions for your organization, get in touch with our team! We’re proud to offer expanded services to help connect and protect organizations across the region. 

About CNE 

Communications Network Engineering (CNE) is a 100% employee-owned company with a headquarters in Fargo, ND. Because CNE is an ESOP, we are all uniquely invested in your success. As professional engineers, we take our responsibility seriously. CNE offers planning and funding, COE and OSP engineering, operations assistance, mapping/right-of-way/permitting, and IT services to clients around the region. We have an interactive approach with our clients to ensure we find the best solution for their needs. 

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